Financial Services

Accounting Services

Computerized book-keeping in all tax categories
Entry procedure and follow-up of debt settlements (IRS and Social Security)
Establishment / Closure
Compilation of cash flows
Constitution of national and foreign companies
Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)
Conversions, mergers, absorptions, acquisitions of companies
Prompt support in regular and special audits
Budgeting and financial reports
Monitoring warehouse book-keeping
Expenditure supervision and tax support

Tax Services

Tax planning and strategy
Preparation for tax audits
Optimization of tax charges
Internal taxation supervision to resolve potential problems
Compilation, signing and submission of all tax returns
Tax support of companies
Provision of tax consultants according to sector and objective
Capitalizing on tax benefits provided by laws
Conversions, mergers, absorptions of companies
Constitution of national companies
Constitution and support of foreign companies

Supervision Services

The correct preparation before undergoing a tax audit is mandatory to the survival of a company. We ensure a successful outcome with the procedure of regular temporary in-house controls or through preliminary company assessments.

Our company cooperates with independent chartered accountants in order to secure specific tax credentials, whenever necessary. In this context, we conduct preliminary tax controls of the companies and closure of tax controls.

Protection of your company is a serious matter to us, and to this end we practice effective controlling methods.

Evaluation and modification of payroll cost
Monitoring of customer and sales network
Stock valuation and control
Control of obligations and purchases
Tax control
Internal management control services
Control and concurrence with IAS & IFRS
Evaluation of Accounts Dept.
Book and data control
Administration and operating control
Usage control in computerized programs