Services to Foreign Companies

One of our major executives is a person with 15 years of experience in the management, operation and administration of foreign companies in (Cyprus, Italy and Holland).

Constitution of branch offices of foreign companies
Founding of permanent establishment in the Greek Internal Revenue Tax Services
Tax representative of the company in Greece
Legal representative of the company in Greece, if so desired
Networking with businesses of similar activities
Participation in common company partnerships for the undertaking of private or public works
Funding sources
Cooperation with consultants’ offices or technical consultancies

FREE office available for the seat of your company

Drafting agreements for contracting or subcontracting
Significant assistance in the management of your company
Information on competitions of private or public works, goods procurement, consultancy, technical consultancy
Full coverage of payroll needs
Optimization of tax charges
Cooperation with chartered accountants, engineers, architects, technical advisors and whichever other specific profession is needed by your company
Monthly update requirements , obligations to suppliers and third parties , taxes , social security IKA (insurance contributions) , personnel
Excellent personal and professional relationships

An important advantage of our office is the quality provided in the accounting, tax, wage, legal and other services, we choose to undertake and oversee the work ourselves, rather than assigning said tasks freelance to third parties, which would endanger the control, accuracy and quality of the services.